Please be sure to read the full terms of use before applying.

    (Basic Agreement)
    1. If any changes occur regarding your (registrant’s and members of his/her group) registered information, please take the necessary procedure for change promptly. Even if damage arises by having neglected this, we (Okehazama Kosenjo Hozonkai) do not take any responsibility for that.
    2. A guardian's consent is needed for the movie experience of underage persons.
    3. If we have to cancel this movie experience because of the weather, disaster, etc., we will contact you in advance.
    In this case, the experience day can be re-arranged.
    4. During the movie experience you and all member of your group must follow directions of a lecturer or the staff.

    (Capacity and Charge)
    1. Up to 4 persons can experience for 30,000 yen (plus tax) by each application
    Even if only one person apply the movie experience the price is same (30,000 yen plus tax)
    2. It cannot be changed the number of people for the movie experience after the registration . However, in some cases, reduction in number of personnel is possible.

    (Production and acting)
    1. All acts and movements in the movie are pre-arranged. You cannot perform any original motion.
    2. The time of each cut has been also decided, you cannot perform any of special motion.
    3. We may improve and change the contents without a preliminary announcement.
    4. When you are using the armors of stage properties, take care about the surroundings, and any motions other than given directions are prohibition.

    1. The size of armors are limited. For the larger size armors, an auxiliary parts would be used.
    2. Since there is fear of an injury about Zouri (straw sandals), please use your own footwear.
    3. The carrying-in your own armor for the movie experience is acceptable but you cannot wear costume from the character of an anime games, etc.
    We put the telop about carrying-in armor into this editing
    4. You cannot bring any arms (a katana, a spear, etc.).

    (Payment and cancellation)
    1. Your reservation is canceled when a payment cannot be performed within one week after the shooting day decision.
    2. If you cancel your reservation after the payment, we do not refund in any cases
    3. If we cancel your reservation in the case of a natural disaster, etc. happed in our side, we refund you your advancement to us.
    4. Also when the movie shooting is stopped by the prohibited matter done by you or any member of your group. We do not refund any of your payment.

    (Prohibited Matter)
    When the following acts occur during the movie shooting, we stop shooting
    1. When you (and/or any member of your group) do not follow the directions from a lecturer or our staff during the movie shooting or preparation.
    2. When we find that you give us false information at the time of registration.
    3. When you (and/or any member of your group) try to do any invitation act to religion or other organizations at the place where the shooting take place.
    4. When you(and/or any member of your group) try to engage any act contrary to good public order and customs, the other acts which break a statute, or an act with those fear.
    5. In addition, any act which break agreement.

    (Classification of responsibilities)
    1. Please manage your and your group’s personal belongings and valuables, etc. by yourself. Even if the situations, such as a theft, loss, and breakage, occur in an institution, we do not take any responsibility.
    2. When you (and/or any member of your group) damage or soil or lose our costumes, stage properties, equipment, fixtures, etc., you are responsible for that and indemnity is required.
    3. We do not use any of your personal information offered from you in addition to this movie.
    4. If we intend to use the photo or movie which you are in it for our homepage, we will obtain your consent in advance.

    1 During movie shooting and before and after that, we do not take any responsibility about an injury, a theft, loss, and any accidents.
    2. About any damage which arises by having used the knowledge and information which were acquired by this movie shooting, we do not take any responsibility.


    please reply to some questions about the size of the body of those who participate.

    Please choose the unit of size -- the metric system (cm/kg) or yard-pound system (inch/ft/lb)

    The 1st person

    2nd person
    3rd person
    4th person

    After sending the agreement and information, please go to the page for the payment.

    We use the system of "BASE" for the settlement of accounts.